The series Y2 motors (center height H63-355mm, 0.18-315kW) are totaly enclosed fan cooled, three-phase, squirrel-cage induction motors.  This series is the recently unitedly designed standard series, an entirely refreshed generation product aimed to replace the Series Y.

Besides those of Series Y, the series Y2 motors are characterized by such outstanding features as: protection degree: IP54, insulation class: F, test: class B, low noise. (test at load), better structure. It's cooling method is IC411.  The rated output and the mounting dimensions are fully conformed to the standard IEC and DIN 42673 (the same as Series Y).

Series Y2 are general purpose motors suitable for driving various kinds of machines or equipment.  Series Y2 are rated at 380V, 50Hz.  Y-connection for motors up to 3kW.  -connection for 4kw and upwards.  For Series Y2 motors, there is usually one shaft extension, but two shaft extensions with terminal box on top of the frame are available on special order.  Motors for special voltages, frequencies, or for humid tropic services (type TH motors), or any other particular services are available on request.

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